OFFTEC Palestine, a subsidiary of OFFTEC Holding Group, has successfully completed the replacement of 47 ATMs for The National Bank (TNB) with new and advanced ATMs. These upgraded ATMs are equipped with the latest technologies, providing enhanced and quality services to the bank's customers. With these new ATMs, customers can conduct financial transactions quickly and easily without the need to visit bank branches.

Mr. Jamil Daher, CEO of OFFTEC Palestine, highlighted that this achievement showcases the unique services that OFFTEC offers and reflects the company's commitment to providing advanced and leading technological solutions and services to the Palestinian Banking Sector. This initiative aligns with TNB's strategy and vision of Economic Modernization and keeps them abreast with the latest trends in digital transformation in the Global Banking Market.

The strong and strategic partnership between OFFTEC and TNB is evident through several past projects that OFFTEC has implemented for the benefit of TNB, including Queuing System Management, Banknote Counting and Cash Handling Solutions, Office Furniture, and other projects.

The new "Diebold Nixdorf" ATMs, an American-German company specializing in banking technology solutions, belong to the DN series and come with numerous advanced features. These ATMs are equipped with a 19-inch touchscreen for easy use, fast and efficient interfaces, high levels of security, the ability to deposit cheques and banknotes, and the potential for future cash recycling as per the bank's requirements. The ATMs are also designed to be updated in the future to introduce new services that align with the bank's vision for digital banking services. Moreover, these ATMs support an audio Braille System, making them accessible to visually impaired individuals.

OFFTEC Palestine's expertise lies in Banking technology services, Office Technologies, Information Systems, Cybersecurity solutions, and Office Furniture solutions. Through our successful projects and partnerships, OFFTEC continues to demonstrate its leadership in the regional market.

This achievement represents a significant step towards modernizing banking services in Palestine and offers a positive impact on the overall banking experience for TNB's customers.