The Palestinian Ministry of Transport and Communications has officially announced the launch of the new Palestinian license cards in cooperation With OFFTEC Palestine. This came during a press conference held at the ministry's headquarters in the presence of the Minister of Transport and Communications Mr. Assem Salem and the CEO of OFTEC Palestine Mr. Jamil Daher.

Minister Al-Salem confirmed the official release of the new license cards. He confirmed that the ministry had started discussing with OFFTEC about plans for this project, which are aimed at the automated issuance for the new licenses. The machines will grant citizens access to the issuance 24/7 in an easy and efficient way in line with the government’s vision in working to improve the quality of services provided to citizens.

Mr.Yazen Al-Khairi, Office and Banking sales manage, spoked about the new card features, which are manufactured from durable polycarbonate compounds, as well as high safety features being manufactured based on global technological levels and its reliance on laser technology that is difficult to falsify.

The CEO of OFTEC Palestine Mr. Jamil Dahir expressed his pride in this partnership, stressing that the launch of the new driving licenses Project is considered the first step in the implementation of several joint projects aimed at promoting and upgrading Services provided to citizens.