Site perimeters is the first line of security, and having insufficient perimeter defenses can compromise the integrity of an entire site. Even the smallest of sites can benefit greatly from sufficient perimeter security, and for important central locations such as head offices, high-quality perimeter protection is absolutely essential. 

OFFTEC’s outdoor perimeter security solutions safeguard entry to sites that need a high level of protection. Barriers and gates for access control along with crash bollards, sliding and tracked gates, and wedge barriers, are all tested to the latest government vehicle European & US impact standards.

Below is the complete list of OFFTEC's Outdoor Perimeter Security Solutions:

Tire killers

Crash Gates

Arm Barriers

Road Blockers

Secured Guard Houses

Barrier Lift System (BLS)

Bollards; fixed or motorized Bollards

Secured Fences; Electronic Shock, Vibration and Microwave

Vehicle Detection Scanners (UVSS , UVMS, Full Vehicle scanner )