Amman, July 2022: During its Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held recently via Zoom video conferencing, OFFTEC Holding Group’s (OHG) Shareholders General Assembly elected a new Board of Directors to spearhead the upcoming phase after the previous board completed its four-year term.

The meeting was headed by OHG Chairman Elias Baddour - in the presence of OHG Board Members, OHG CEO Basim Said, OHG CFO Zaid Al-Salman, Companies Control Department representative from the Ministry of Industry and Trade Ismail Hamdan and 83.94 percent of company shareholders.

The meeting commenced with a recitation of the minutes of the previous meeting, which took place on 28 April, 2021, followed by a presentation of the Board of Directors 2021 Annual Report and the approval of the final accounts for the year ended 31 December, 2021, as well as 2022 plans.

In addition to the General Assembly voting on and approving the Auditor’s Report and Financial Results for the year 2021, external auditors for the year 2022 were elected and the Board of Directors was discharged from liability for the year 2021 within the limits of the law.

Moreover, the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting - which took place on the same day - approved the return of JOD 1,013,740 as excess cash to the shareholders.

On behalf of its shareholders, OHG extended its sincerest gratitude to the former Board Members for their valuable service, significant contributions and unwavering commitment over the past four years. The continued success of OHG during challenging times throughout the company’s longstanding history is testament to the wise leadership and direction of its Board of Directors.

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 About OFFTEC Holding Group

OFFTEC Holding Group PLC (OHG) is a public shareholding company listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) as (OFTC) with a total capital of JOD 39.6 million. The leading regional company owns four subsidiaries: OFFTEC, offering services and innovated solutions in business and technology; ePoints, a leading customer reward platform; Alwasleh, providing convenient leasing and financing solutions; and WATCO, specializing in lighting solutions and high-end architectural lighting products. All solutions extended by the OFFTEC Holding Group are specifically designed to create sustainable value for clients, partners, suppliers and stakeholders alike.